Have Fun Decorating Your Super Bowl Party With These Creative Ideas

Paragon Painters - Have Fun Decorating Your Super Bowl Party With These Creative Ideas

It’s only a matter of weeks before the biggest game of the year takes place—the SUPER BOWL! You can feel the excitement in the air. You’re leading in your league’s fantasy football challenge. Therefore, it’s time to gear up, pull out the decorations and plan the menu. Don’t let your Super Bowl party decorations and food get a penalty flag again this year. Let Paragon Painters help you with your Super Bowl party ideas! 

Super Bowl Party Decorations 

Reusable Wooden Snack Stadium 

Take your game to the next level with this epic reusable snack stadium. A medium-level difficult task depending on your experience, this stadium comes with 22 spaces for snacks and one large space (the field) for a 10×15 shallow baking dish. The overall design, including the base, measures 62”x48”. For an easier-to-build stadium, try this design.

Football Field Party Table 

When preparing your buffet for the Big Game, don’t just throw a plain table cloth over the table. Get into the spirit of the game! This easy football field party table is made with green felt, white duct tape, and white numbers. With simple instructions, you’ll have a spectacular cover that’s sure to impress the sportiest of fans. 

Football Mason Jar Utensil Holders 

Adding that extra touch to your spread of delicious foods will set the mood for what is sure to be an exciting game. These mason jar holders provide an excellent tool for utensils as well as making a fun football decoration. These crafts are fun, festive, and simple to make. Be creative and add your own touches. 

Super Bowl Food Decorating Ideas 

Nutter Butter Referees 

These little guys may look cute, but when you bite their heads after a bad call, you’ll enjoy the sweet satisfaction of released aggression, as well as peanut butter and chocolate. Easily made, Nutter Butter referees require just four ingredients and a steady hand. When finished you’ll have a surefire crowd-pleaser. 

Football Pizza Pockets 

There’s no shortage of hunger when it comes to a four-hour-long game. So, make sure you come prepared with something delicious and appealing. Everybody’s favorite, pizza pockets, are an easy to prepare hand-held dish perfect for the Big Game. To take these pizza pockets to the next level, shape them into footballs and add slits on top to look like the laces. The fans will go nuts! 

Football Jersey or Football Crisped Rice Treats 

Perhaps the most pliable treat to use for forming a specific shape is crisped rice treats. For your Super Bowl party take your treats all the way to the goal line! With a simple recipe, your team’s colors in food dye, frosting, and a t-shirt and football cookie cutter you’ll score a touchdown and the two-point conversion to win the game. 

Football Dip Bread Bowl 

What goes better with the Super Bowl, then chips and dip. Except you can’t just serve them in a bowl and call it a day. You don’t want a repeat of last year, do you? No, this year has to be great and the only way to make your party legendary is with an easy to make football dip bread bowl. Not only is it delicious, but it’s easy to clean (eat) up. This symbol of the big game will become a staple for all your future parties. 

Don’t waste any time counting down the hours until the kickoff show. Get to the store and stock up on the supplies you’ll need to impress even the hardest of hardcore fans and get crafting! Now that you’re on your way to the perfect Super Bowl party, you can focus on the playoffs and await with pins-and-needles to see who’s going to make it to the big game. Come Super Bowl LIV, you’ll be named the MVP of football parties!

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